The Author, Taryn Green, is the Marketing Specialist at Gougeon Insurance Brokers.

At Gougeon, our passion is helping our clients simplify the risks affecting their business. By helping clients identify and prioritize risks, we can help them reduce claims and keep money in their pockets.

One tool we use to educate our clients around risk is our blog. One way we disseminate our blog is via social media sites. So while we are educating our clients and showcasing our brand, we are being exposed to reputational risk.

But just because we’ve been blogging and connecting on social media for a few years now, doesn’t mean that we have all the answers, so we tested ourselves with one of our developed tools—our Social Media Audit (visit our Resource Centre to download)—and discovered areas needing improvement.

Questions We Scored Low On:

  • Does your company set expectations with respect to how and when a person should disconnect themselves from your company’s social media profiles when there is a termination or resignation?
  • Does your company have a social media process in place in the event that your social media champion leaves the company through an abrupt termination or resignation?

Are you able to answer “yes” to BOTH of the above questions?

So, we got to it and made 3 changes to reduce our exposure to reputational and brand risk:

  • Reviewed the Social Media Policy section of our Employee Handbook and overhauled it completely.
  • Drafted a Social Media Policy and procedure for when an employee resigns or is terminated (download a sample Social Media Policy from our Resource Centre). This procedure also includes what would happen should the social media champion leave the company.
  • The management team communicated all of the above social media policies, procedures and strategies to the Gougeon team at our monthly staff meeting and continue to remind the staff throughout the year.

You may be confident that you have your social media in control for your company; however, like us, you might be surprised once you perform an audit.

Gougeon’s Social Media Audit Tool helped us step it up! It was a humbling experience to learn that social media risks are far reaching and that there are many aspects that we must consider when we decide to “stay connected”.

Being connected on social media is vital for your sales, your marketing strategy and your brand awareness; it keeps you honest and transparent and helps you connect with your clients like never before. As long as you remember to take the appropriate steps to keep your brand and reputation in check, social media can open many doors for your business.

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Social media can help boost your business but it also poses a reputational risk. We audited ourselves and found we scored low in some key areas. Read about what we did to improve our social media audit score and download the resources we have made available to help you mitigate this risk in your organization.

Downloads available in our Resource Centre: Social Media Audit and sample Social Media Policy.

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