The Author, Taryn Green, is the Business Development & IT Coordinator at Gougeon Insurance Brokers.

Spring is in the air. The sun is out. I don’t know about you, but I feel a surge of enthusiasm and positivity.

At Gougeon, we’re fulfilling our strategic goals. As part of our strategic planning for the year, we also have our team members set personal goals in their annual plan. The physical act of documenting our goals and telling others, pushes us to fulfill them. It holds us accountable to our team members, our goals, and ourselves.

By writing this blog and sharing, we are again holding ourselves accountable!

Here are some stories of what our team members are currently striving toward and accomplishing.

Josée, Our Emerging Leader

One of Gougeon’s commitments to its employees is to offer and pay for continued education and training, so we can meet our strategic and personal goals.

Josée had the goal this year to attend training with a networking component. As a Gougeon representative, she is attending the Sudbury Community Foundation's Emerging Leaders Program. This four-session program engages emerging professionals by providing leadership development training and networking opportunities with fellow participants.

Josée attended the first session on March 15, and met 18 of her fellow Emerging Leaders!

Interested in working at Gougeon with this dynamic team? We’re hiring! To learn more, visit: Own Your Career at Gougeon.

Kerri-Ann, Designation Bound

Most days, she’s the first one in the office in the morning. Usually, you can find her drinking a cup of steeped tea while answering emails.

She is currently working toward her Group Benefits Associate (GBA) designation through Dalhousie University. All that’s left to do is study and pass one final test!

This designation will cement Kerri-Ann’s knowledge of employee group benefits, and be an added value service to her clients. She will be able to speak to health care economics like employee engagement, attraction and retention; new and existing government legislation in terms of employee benefits; as well as pensions, CPP, and worker’s compensation benefits.

For Kerri-Ann, it’s about learning and growing her expertise for her clients. Wish her luck on her final test!

Interested in working at Gougeon with this dynamic team? We’re hiring! To learn more, visit: Own Your Career at Gougeon.

Shawna, 2018 Young Woman of Distinction Award Winner

Shawna, our newest member of staff, started working at Gougeon a little over a year ago. When she heard that Gougeon provides volunteer hours to its team members so they can take time to volunteer in the community, she took full advantage of the opportunity.

A published and award-nominated author, Shawna uses her volunteer hours to develop and deliver writing workshops for organizations all over Greater Sudbury, such as the Elizabeth Fry Society of Sudbury; the Greater Sudbury Public Library; and Le Salon du livre du Grand Sudbury; to name a few.

For her community leadership, it was recently announced that Shawna won the Young Woman of Distinction Award. It will be presented to her at the end of April at the YWCA Sudbury’s Women of Distinction Gala.

Wish our team members luck as they push toward their goals!

Interested in working at Gougeon with this dynamic team? We’re hiring!

To learn more, visit: Own Your Career at Gougeon.

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2018 Emerging Leaders [far right: Josée]

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