The Author, Margaret Palmer, is a Commercial Account Executive at Gougeon Insurance Brokers.

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I’m Margaret Palmer, and I’m with Gougeon Insurance Brokers.

I’m standing here today on the shores of Lake Ramsey in the heart of Greater Sudbury, an Ontario region that has more than 330 lakes in total, to kick off our Lifejacket aWEARness Campaign.

As an Insurance Broker, my job is to protect resorts and help them provide the safest possible environment for their guests (learn more about our Resorts Program).

In my previous life, I was a Tourism Operator, so I have seen how drownings can impact not just the families but communities as well.

Last season, someone I knew drowned when he fell out of his boat. This man knew how to swim, he knew the waterway, and he knew how to operate a boat. If he would have been wearing his lifejacket, it may have given him the time he needed to be rescued.

The Campaign Goal

The goals of this campaign are:

  • To bring awareness to the importance of wearing lifejackets in boats.
  • And to decrease the 160 drowning deaths that occur in Ontario waters each year.

We will be working with Lifesaving [Society] Ontario; Transport Canada [Transports Canada]; and the Canadian Safe Boating Council [Conseil canadien de la sécurité nautique] to get this message out and to appeal to Tourism Operators to encourage their guests and their employees to always wear lifejackets in boats.

Why Participate?

Resorts can make the biggest impact! By encouraging your guests to wear lifejackets in boats, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re providing the safest possible experience for your guests while they’re on the water at your resort.

How to Join the Campaign

You can email me to receive your free conversation-starting materials that you can display at your resort, so your guests know that they are in a Lifejacket WEAR Zone (while supplies last).

Give your guests the time they need, encourage them to wear lifejackets, and help us hit our goal to reduce the 160 drowning deaths that occur in Ontario waters each year.

Let’s go save lives!

(Data Source: 2017 Edition, Ontario Drowning Report; Lifesaving Society Canada).

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