The Author, Kerry Lamarche, is a Certified Wellness Coach and Risk Advisor at Gougeon Insurance Brokers.

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Do you know the one important thing that you might not be doing with your employees? One thing that will help support your employees' health and wellness, help them deal with stress and encourage productivity?

What is this amazing thing?
Encouraging your employees to go for a WALK!

Some key facts:

You may be thinking, who has the time to go for a walk during the work day?

  • Think of it this way: walking improves creativity. So, instead of sitting at your desk stumped, trying to find a solution to a problem, go for a walk - the solution may reveal itself!
  • A three o’clock walk can actually reverse your circadian rhythm so that you feel as alert, rested and productive as you were at nine or ten o’clock in the morning.

So, if you think you don’t have time to go for a walk, you actually don’t have time not to!

If I can leave you with one thing: get out there and walk and encourage your employees to do the same.

Oh! And walking with a colleague is a great way to promote team building!

  • For every dollar invested in your employees’ health, your return on investment will be three-fold.

    Learn more about our Workplace Wellness Program by contacting Certified Wellness Coach, Kerry Lamarche at 1.800.461.1106 x. 231 or e-mail her.

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Are you encouraging your team to get some fresh air during the work day? 

A mid-afternoon walk has been proven to fuel productivity, creativity and improve mental health. Have your employees return to their desk feeling refreshed and energized - get them walking!
Learn more about the benefits of walking by reading this blog post.

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