Risk Management

Gougeon Insurance Brokers are not your ordinary brokers! 

We have worked long and hard to develop risk management programs and tools specifically designed for our clients.  We believe an approach in helping identify risk can help mitigate the losses and reduce the total cost of risk, which will ultimately save our clients money.

Our risk management team has over 30+ years experience and was developed to help our clients by:

  • Stabilizing loss frequency and severity by promoting proven risk reduction strategies.
  • Promote awareness of industry best practices.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of industry best practices and resource guides to better aid our clients.

Some of the risk management tools and training we have available include: 

  • Incident Investigation
  • Logs and Record Keeping: Creation, Implementation and Importance
  • Documents, Maunals and Policies: Creation, Revision and Assistance
  • Risk Management Culture: Building and Maintain the culture
  • Hiring Practices and Employee Relations
  • Risk Management Communication and Customer Service
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR Training
  • WSIB Reporting Protocols

We also offer additional services, which include: