Human Resource Risk Assessment

Organizations often first focus on the financial risk but in reality human resource risk is prevalent at every stage of the employment cycle – recruitment through to retirement - but it is often overlooked.  Managing your human resource risk  has a significant impact on the success or failure of your ongoing operations, ability to attract new and/or retain existing clients and gain a competitive advantage in your industry sector.

The aim of the HR Risk Assessment is to better understand and manage the various risks associated with employees and your organization’s human resource practices to run more efficiently, saving both the organization and its clients time and money.  

Top 3 Goals of The Assessment:

  • Improve your business processes and thereby increase success and competitiveness throughout your organization.
  • Minimize risks and exposures, through an analysis of where your company stands in relation to industry standards.
  • Learn how to recruit, retain and motivate high caliber personnel, and where to focus your precious resources to get the most value for money. 

The assesment is divided into 6 sections:


For more information:

The HR Risk Assessment can be used at each of your offices and locations and is an integral part in our commitment to manage your overall risk. For more information, please contact our office.