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Margaret Palmer
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[VIDEO BLOG] You are now entering a Lifejacket WEAR Zone!

The Lifejacket aWEARness Campaign has a goal to decrease the 160 drownings that happen each year in Ontario waterways.

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Shawna Kirkwood
Happy business employees 2

$100K Spent, Only $63K Return on Investment: Effects of Disengaged Employees

The effects of disengaged employees on your bottom line and the impact of effective employee engagement in improving profitability.

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Taryn Green
Taryn looking at Camera

Own Your Career at Gougeon: Employee Engagement

At Gougeon, we`re fulfilling our strategic and personal goals. Here are some stories of what our team members are currently striving toward ...

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FAQ Series
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What’s the difference between Additional Insured & Additional Named Insured?

Understanding the difference between adding an Additional Insured vs. Additional Named Insured onto your insurance policy

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Judy Gougeon

Celebrating An Entrepreneur & Inspiring Client: Maury East.

Celebrating and honouring the work and life of Maury East, founder of Killarney Mountain Lodge

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Judy Gougeon
Corporate health and wellness.jpg

Who needs doughnuts? Corporate Health & Wellness.

Discussion of corporate health and wellness in the workplace, and its benefits to your staff and company culture.

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Shawna Partridge

Hacking, Phishing, Spoofing! Oh my! Understanding Cybercrime.

As of late, you may have heard about "cybercrime", "cyberattacks" "cyber criminals", "cyber extortion", and the list goes on. But what does ...

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Serge Solski

Tell Me Straight! Is it bad? Cybercrime?

Of Canadian businesses surveyed, they reported being hit an average of 40 times to the tune of $175K per attack (2016 Scalar Security Study)...

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Judy Gougeon
social media.jpg

9 Must-Haves for Your Social Media Policy.

Gougeon's Social Media Self-Audit pushed us to make changes to mitigate our reputational and brand risk. One change was to update our Social...

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